Fire alarm system AutoCAD drawings

Fire Alarm Shops provides fire alarm Installation drawings in accordance with the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, NFPA 72. Fire Alarm Cad drawings are detailed construction documents that include the placement of the fire alarm system components shown on architectural backgrounds. Fire alarm system components include initiating devices, notification devices, monitor devices, and control devices. The interconnection between these devices is indicated by providing wire/pathway routings.

Fire Alarm Shops provide fire installation art drawings per NFPA 7.4 Shop Drawings (Installation Documentation). At a minimum, the following will be provided as part of your Fire Alarm Installation Shop Drawing:

Shop drawings shall include the following information:

  • Floor plan drawings
  • System riser diagrams
  • Control unit diagrams
  • Typical wiring diagrams
  • A narrative description or input/output
  • System calculations shall be included as follows:

When your Fire Alarm system AutoCAD Drawings are ready, we will provide you with the plans in PDF and the AutoCAD file for your records and future use.

To provide you with a Fast project turn around you will need to provide to us the following:

  • AutoCad Architectural Backgrounds
  • AutoCad Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Complete Equipment Material list
  • System Take-Off indicating location of Fire alarm devices.
  • Specification with Inclusions and exclusions
  • Detail scope of work
  • Manufacturer Product Data Sheets (If Available)

In the event AutoCad are unavailable, Fire Alarm Shops will work with you to create
Backgrounds from PDFs on a billable basis. Contact us for a quote.