Cover Sheet

The cover sheet provides pertinent project information including but not limited to:

  • Name of protected premises, owner, and occupant

  • Name of installer or contractor

  • Location of protected premises

  • Device legend and symbols

  • Date of issue and any revision dates

  • Sheet Index

  • input/output matrix of operation

  • General Notes

  • Scope of Work

  • Code & Standards References

  • Cable & Wire legend

  • Circuit & Conduit Notation Legend

  • Superscripts Legend

  • Sound Pressure Levels

  • Ceiling Type Legend

  • Conduit designations (If Applicable)

  • Acoustical distinguished spaces legend (If Applicable)

Floor Plan – Per NFPA 72

  • Floor plan drawings shall be drawn to an indicated scale

  • and shall include the following information, where applicable for the particular system:

  • Floor or level identification

  • Point of compass (indication of North)

  • Graphic scale

  • All walls and doors

  • All partitions extending to within 15 percent of the ceiling height (where applicable and when known)

  • Room and area descriptions

  • System devices/component locations

  • Locations of fire alarm primary power disconnecting means

  • Locations of monitor/control interfaces to other systems

  • System riser locations

  • Type and number of system components/devices on each circuit, on each floor or level

  • Type and quantity of conductors and conduit (if used) for each circuit

  • Identification of any ceiling over 10 ft (3.0 m) in height where automatic fire detection is being proposed

  • Details of ceiling geometries, including beams and solid joists, where automatic fire detection is being proposed

  • Where known, acoustic properties of spaces

Riser Diagram & Fire Alarm Calculations

  • General arrangement of the system in building cross-section

  • Number of risers

  • Type and number of circuits in each riser

  • Type and number of system components/devices on each circuit, on each floor or level

  • Number of conductors for each circuit

  • Battery calculations

  • Notification appliance circuit voltage drop calculations

  • Speaker line loss Calculations (If Applicable)


  • Control Unit Diagrams

  • Typical wiring diagrams shall be provided for all initiating devices, notification appliances, remote indicators, annunciators, remote test stations, and end-of-line and power supervisory devices.