About us

I started my fire alarm career over 27 years ago. I have held multiple positions in the fire alarm industry, from drafter to general manager and everything in between. Along with years of on-the-job training, I have achieved multiple certifications, which include a Texas State Fire Alarm Planner License (APS-1743742) and a National Institute for Certifications (NICET) Level IV (101907). Because of my years in the industry and dedication to the discipline, I can guarantee to build the best smoke detector connection, best positions for smoke alarms, and accurate and detailed fire alarm pre-installation drawings for fire alarm contractors nationwide./p>

These installation drawings are essential for meeting strict national, and local codes/amendments and are thoroughly reviewed by local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure compliance and accuracy, and almost always a requirement prior to installation.

The knowledge and experience gained from working with the many different fire alarm system manufacturers are paramount in the service I provide. Listed below are the multiple systems that I’m highly experienced with:

  • Autocall
  • Bosch
  • Edwards
  • EST
  • EST
  • Vigilant
  • Fike/Cheetah
  • Honeywell
  • Gamewell/FCI
  • Fire Lite
  • Silent Knight
  • Mircom
  • Notifier
  • Siemens
  • SimplexGrinnell
  • System Sensor
  • Wheelock

Another factor to consider for installation is occupancy classification. In addition to having worked with multiple systems, I am experienced with a multitude of occupancy classifications including:

  • Assembly Group A
  • Business Group B
  • Institutional Group
    • Group I-1
    • Group I-2
    • Group I-3
    • Group I-4
  • Mercantile Group M
  • Residential Group R
    • Group R-1
    • Group R-2
    • Group R-3
  • Storage Group S
    • Group S-1
    • Group S-2
  • Utility and Miscellaneous Group U


In addition to nationally recognized Building and Life Safety Codes, I have extensive knowledge and experience providing life safety design for Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Army Corps of Engineers, and General Service Administration (GSA).

Whatever your fire alarm equipment manufacturer and occupancy classification, Fire Alarm Shops will not only meet but strive to exceed your need for professionally created Fire Alarm Installation Shop Drawings.


  • Lou Scarantino, SET
  • NICET Certification No. 101907
  • Fire Alarm Systems – Level IV
  • Certification Expires: November 1, 2024